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Easton Garford Endowed CE School

Learning Together Through Faith, Hope and Love

Our Christian Values

At Easton Garford School we uphold our Christian vision statement:


“Learning together through Faith, Hope and Love”


Our mission statement:

Easton Garford Endowed Church of England School is a place where learning is purposeful, challenging and promoted through Faith, Hope and Love. We endeavour to ensure that every child leaves our school having reached their full potential. We are determined to provide an inclusive culture which is happy, secure and stimulating for all members of our school community. While we promote the Christian faith throughout all our work, we hold upmost respect for other faiths and cultures within our modern society. 

Our values wheel shows the *virtues and **values that we hold in high regard. At the core of our wheel is the character forming virtues defined by St Paul. These are forever at the heart of all we do. The spokes of the wheel define our Christian values which are the standards of behaviour we expect from all children and adults who are involved in our school. The outer edge lists our practices which enable us to operate effectively to deliver a high quality education.

Aims of our school:

We ensure that each child achieves success by:

  • Promoting an embedded culture of Faith, Hope and Love
  • Promoting our Christian values and to provide opportunity for the worship of God
  • Encouraging an open and welcoming partnership between school, home and the community
  • Innovative and high quality teaching which empowers children to become investigative and independent learners through a progressive, inclusive and creative curriculum.
  • Providing opportunities for pupils to learn about life in today’s culturally diverse society
  • Developing a positive sense of moral responsibility and self-discipline


*Virtues: an actual quality considered morally good or desirable in a person. Virtues are the foundation to our core value system, the very essence that make up good character

**Values: principles or standards of behaviour; our judgement of what is important in life